Background Info:

Kimi Koi Limi was published by Comic Yuri Hime, which has also published Blue and Citrus. Kimi Koi Limit was created by Momono Moto who has also created Tear: 99 and Yuri Hime Wildrose.

Brief Summary:

Back in high school Sono confessed her love to Sato, but she was turned down.Now she lives as a freeloader in an apartment shared with her girlfriend, Hiroko. However, she still hasn’t forget about Sato and when she cries out her name while having sex with her girlfriend Hiroko, she finds herself in some serious trouble. Add a friendly hobo and a lesbian love triangle and  you got Kimi Koi Limit.


I’m just going to say this off the bat. Kimi Koi Limit is only 9 chapters and there not long chapters, so even when I say it has flaws. Still check it out because it will only take around two hours to read all of it. Now with that said Kimi Koi Limit is a simple slice of life love story about Sono’s unrequited love with her best friend from high school. Even though she has a great girlfriend in Hiroka. So even without me giving details you can already see the ending cant you. Of course Sono who is free loading off Hiroka who truly loves her, gets what she wants in the end even though she barely showed she deserved it. This is why I really wish it has extra volume or two to give these characters more depth but for what we got it’s a simple obvious love triangle story done right.

The art work has a bad habit of doing that  plain face thing a lot. You know when the characters just have big black eyes and one line for mouth. I know it’s for comedy but when they use for half of Sono’s and a good amount of Satomi’s scenes it gets annoying. I am just going to say this once. Yes there is nudity in this manga. No it having nudity and sex scenes do not make it a doujinshii. The sex scenes are there for esthetics’s not just for fap material. It would be weird if these people who are so in-love and obviously horny not to have sex, It’s just makes sense.


Now with all that said I give Kimi Koi Limit 6/10 and a must read score. It’s simple and obvious but still good and short. If you want to read more yuri love manga check out Girl Friends or Prism.


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