fabulous boys 1

Looks familiar?

If it does, it’s probably because you’re a fan of Korean/Japanese dramas, and thought to yourself:  “a tomboy-esque girl with 3 extremely good-looking dudes, I saw that somewhere before.” With that being said, you’re probably biting on your nails trying to guess which country this version came from. Well, look no further than the nightmarket nation, otherwise known as Taiwan to find your answer!  To be honest, I had my doubts about whether or not this cast could produce the same effect as its predecessors (seeing as I didn’t know half of the main characters), and in a lot of ways they silenced it. Whether or not I felt this version was better than the ones that came before it, you’re going to have to read on to find out!


Gao Mei Nv (高美女), a nun-in training, had her sight set on going to Rome in order to “officially” become one. She was on her way to getting her tickets when a mysterious man (Mark or 马克) appeared and informed her of something she won’t soon forget. Her twin brother, Gao Mei Nan (高美男), was accepted into A.N.JELL, an exceptionally renowned band through an auditioning process, but unfortunately is in the States receiving treatments due to plastic surgery failure on his eyes. As it turns out, Mark is Mei Nan’s manager, and through constant begging, Mei Nv finally agrees to fill in for him in hopes of using the success to help them find their long-lost mother, while not being noticed by others at the same time. She then is introduced to her fellow members, Huang Tai Jing (黄泰京), Jiang Xin Yu (姜新禹), and Jeremy, who initially had mixed feelings about her joining (some were more welcoming than the others, *Cough* Huang Tai Jing *Cough*), but gravitated towards her charms as the story progressed. As her fame grew, so did the trouble that came with it, as her true identity was revealing itself bit by bit, putting her under more scrutiny than ever.  Adding on to that is a love triangle involving Tai Jing, Xin Yu, and Mei Nv that became more and more prevalent with each passing episode, one that even involved Jeremy at certain points.

fabulous boys 5

Translation: “What is Fabulous Boys??” That would be the drama you’re acting in Jiro…


Personally, I like watching things that can make me crack a smile when I’m trying to let loose and relax. Unlike some Taiwanese dramas where the humor can be overly cheesy, I thought Fabulous boys did a surprisingly good job in limiting that and instead made sure the ones they did have were high-quality. Honestly, there were countless moments from which I could recall in which I giggled like a schoolgirl (it was pretty funny stuff, can you blame me?), from the bathroom scene where Tai Jing invites the whole band to take a shower together to the female stylist’s infatuation with smacking Mark in the head whenever he does something stupid (including the end where he tried to kiss her lol!). The actors contributed a huge part in that, and overall didn’t lose a edge in comparison to their Korean and Japanese counterparts. Their movements and interactions were very natural, and matched up well with stars like Park Shin Hye and Takimoto Miori. What makes it even more amazing is the fact the supporting cast, not just the main guys, delivered big time to give the drama that much more of a “complete”feeling.

As for the soundtrack, the ending theme was a great listen for me to the point that I even downloaded it, but the intro felt so-so, such that it’s not going to make me want to turn away from the drama, but could have packed more of a punch. With that being said, to be fair all the other versions used the same song, so they were confined to do it. As for the cutscene music, they were placed adequately throughout the series, providing positive depth and feeling to what’s happening.

This version, although in a lot of ways similar to that of its counterparts, does do some things better and other things worse. Whether it’s more believable relationships, or a lack of star power (Jiro Wang/汪东城 and Evan Yo/蔡旻佑 being really the only two), the fact of the matter is, this cast delivered one hell of a experience that will linger in your mind days after you finish watching it.

SCORE: 8.5 pig rabbits out of 10


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