Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure everyone who’s lived in China for a few years has heard the story of the three kingdoms. To what extent I don’t know, but it should have at least been ran through us at some point. Now you may be thinking to yourself, the fact that I’m mentioning the three kingdoms must bear some relevance to the drama, especially with the title “K.O 3an Guo” suggesting the same thing right? If so, you’re partially right about that. The story is centered around the classic tale, but only with a whole lot of twist and young, extremely good looking people. Intrigued yet? Read on to find out more about this one of a kind drama series and how I feel about it!


Guan Yu and Zhang Fei have just been kicked out from yet another school for acts of violence, and can’t seem to find another one that would take them in. Just as things couldn’t look any dimmer for them, they encounter Liu Bei, who offer to help them enroll into the one and only East Han Academy, a prestige school for the rich, under the condition that they pay for his tuition. The three of them eventually agreed upon things, and thus begins a story filled with rivaling schools fights, romance, and all sorts of bizarre twists that you can think of.


Seriously, it’s pretty random…


For those who don’t know, the K.O series is based upon a group of people typically of the high school/University age who possess supernatural powers and battle each other out using it. In addition to that, there are a ton of quirky techniques (one of my favorites in this drama is “chou mei quan” aka stinky beauty punch) and personell (Dong Zhuo is an old man who laughs at his own “evil doings” way too often). The plot is usually just downright unpredictable, but I thought with an actual novel like San Guo that things would normalize a bit more. Well it turns out that Guan Yu falls in love with Diao Chan, Cao Cao is crazy over Xiao Qiao, and the great tactician Zhu Ge Liang is well not that great at all!

zhu ge liang actual

Actual portrayal of Zhu Ge Liang

zhu ge liang zhong ji

K.O version of Zhu Ge Liang. See the resemblance?


For those who haven’t come across the 3 kingdom series, that is definitely far beyond how the actual story went. Usually, I would like things to be more settled, and not wacky-tacky all over the place. However, here it is exactly how things should be, and what the K.O series fans expect. In terms of the soundtrack, the cutscene music weren’t the best out of the bunch that I heard, nor were the intro and ending songs (with the exception of maybe 1). The cast, on the other hand, was very likable overall, and fit well with the aforementioned “non-serious” theme. That’s high praise for a cast that didn’t have much star power backing it up, and instead made stars out of those who weren’t prior to this drama. Whether you’re a diehard K.O series fan or not, this drama will take you through an adventure you won’t soon forget.

SCORE: 8 stinky beauty punches out of 10


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